Myths & Beliefs

Myths and beliefs is an exhibition that explores the influence of cultural heritage on creative design. School of Fashion students have researched the oral traditions, art, crafts and creative practices of their native and neighbouring cultures in Asia.

C+C&Co contributed in form of styling, art direction and image making to represent the exhibition.


Boundaries within myths and beliefs , 2016, digital photograph, dimensions variable

Boundaries within myths and beliefs, 2016, digital photograph, dimensions variable

Styling by: Gabby Gabanna

Styling by: Gabby Gabanna


Objects and propositions. Fashion accessories, garments, photographs and architectural models are presented in display modules constructed using an open grid framework. The lightweight, white modules appear to float, in reference to the timelessness and apparent intangibility of cultural traditions and beliefs.

Part 1:
Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
Praxis Space and Project Space
Exhibition period: 
October 21 – November, 6 2016


Part 2:
National Gallery of Singapore
Exhibition period:
November 25 – November 27
December 2 – December 4, 2016