Jatiwangi Art Factory

This paper discusses the concepts of “hospitality” and “friendship” in the context of artist-residency programmes, paying particular attention to the practice of Jatiwangi art Factory (JaF), an artist-collective in the village of Jatiwangi, West Java.

In a wider discussion about cosmopolitanism, hospitality and friendship are important concepts because they point to a specific type of encounter and relationship between people. Analyzing the format of artist-residency in terms of hospitality and friendship is particularly pertinent today especially when signs of cultural intolerance are evident in worldwide public opinions and attitudes.


Asserting friendship and hospitality as a political entity as they are formed by the discrimination between friend or guest and enemy.

The political aspect of emancipation becomes evident in the way these programmes facilitate a broader social transformation by altering how one makes sense of the experience of “living together”.