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Division Communications:
10th Anniversary Party

As a creative events and PR agency, Division Communications engaged C+C&Co to design a series of bootleg items based on iconic logos by cult streetwear brands, such as Vetements and Supreme, for their 10th Anniversary party. The concept of counterfeit designs reflected the agency's culture of crafting the most memorable events in the least expected ways. 

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Force of Nature

C+C&Co collaborated with level two students from the programme of BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles to produce the following images for the exhibition. The concept for the digital imaging was inspired by the methods of taxidermy present at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum at National University of Singapore during the research visit. 

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Memoirs of Sense

Sigmund Freud revolutionized the way people think about the mind with his theory of the subconscious - the part of the psyche that thinks and feels without the person being aware of it. According to Freud, dreams are coded messages from the subconscious. In some ways, memories are too. In fact, brain research has shown that memory is not frozen in time – that remembering is an act of creative re-imagination.

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Myths & Beliefs

As humans, regardless of nationality, race or religion, we are driven by an invisible force that governs much of our lives. Our predilection for superstition engages us to adhere to our evolutionary programming of myths and beliefs. They bind and constrict our behaviour, yet we constantly look to them for inspiration. The highly westernised construct of contemporary fashion is challenged ever so strongly nearing the boundary where East meets West. Discover selections of our work for Myths & Beliefs in collaboration with @lasallefdt and @lasallefmi of School of Fashion.



This exhibition presents works and objects made by students and lecturing staff from the Faculty of Design. The works used wood, paper and cloth as main materials, highlighting their physical properties and integral role in various fields of design.