Charles Rezandi

Creative + Image Director


About Charles Rezandi

Charles is the creative & image director and co-founder of C+C&Co. His career span of nine years extends to communication strategy, art direction, branding, advertising, set design, creative writing, visual merchandising, and art directing for video and motion in Sydney, Jakarta and Singapore.

With his extensive knowledge in art direction and branding, he focuses his passion for design into his professional career and clients. He graduated with a Masters in Arts Pedagogy & Practice with Goldsmiths University, Bachelors Degree from Swinburne University of Technology and Advance Diploma from Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts.

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"I have always been inspired by individuals with ambition and determination. Some of the figures in the design discipline that I respect are Martin Margiela, Rei Kawakubo and Eiko Ishioka – all of whom are fiercely persistent and resilient in their design language and culture."

Rei Kawakubo is a figure who is very unforgiving and stern. She embodies the qualities that I admire in people – to be able to walk the talk. I look up to Maison Margiela for his early works of being incognito and in a collectivity that I envision for C+C&Co. It is always about the collective. The creative industry is a large symbiotic ecosystem, whereby the need to work together in a collaborative manner is key.

With regards to image making, I really like what Viviane Sassen has been doing in her work. She understands the human body and recognises that our bodies are powerful tools in fashion image making. Sassen has had always approached her entire body of work with great artistic direction and she is able to convey the story based on her creative choices in the photograph. Her work is distinct and consistent.

I enjoy working with a multitude of personalities as working together is my primary need. When I find creatives that share the same goal, purpose and lingo, we build a sense of community by working together. I believe that the sense of belonging to a community will drive and motivate one to work better.

I start by laying down the expectations, demands and deadlines of a project. Ensuring that everyone is comfortable with their roles and responsibilities, I always address the team on how paramount the brief is. As with how we approach clients, I make sure to delegate the team with smaller roles first to manage everyone’s progress and then evaluate how each individual can contribute to the project more efficiently. Most of all, we always learn something new from our collaborators. 

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When approaching and executing a brief, I look at the variance in terms of marketing goals, aesthetics, and target audience. Being heavily receptive and reactionary, it is easier for me to provide our clients various references while ensuring that our work remains original and appropriate. I am also highly technical as well, and this is evident in how I advise our clients to achieve the most appropriate and suitable solution.